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  • Meet Megan, Queen, Romeo and Luna – Fine Italian Sofa Designs

    Posted on by Mark Patrzalek

    Are you in the market for a new sofa? Then we invite you to learn more about four models from Italian furniture company Giuseppe & Giuseppe. This company is known for its cutting-edge design in addition to timeless styling and components of the highest quality.

    Romeo Sectional

    Contemporary design is perhaps the first thing you will notice about this fully customizable reclining sofa. In addition to its clean, modern lines and nod to mid-century style, you will find that the Romeo sofa features individually controlled headrests and ergonomic spinal support for the most comfortable seat in the house. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the Romeo has thick foam cushioning covered in fine, top grain Italian leather upholstery. Choose what components you wish to add, such as an elegant chaise or recliner, so this gorgeous sectional fits your lifestyle and your space perfectly.

    Luna Sectional


    For a sophisticated version of everyone’s favorite place to relax in a living area, the Luna sectional sofa is just as gorgeous as it is comfortable. What we like best about this model is its innovative back rest design, which allows the person sitting to adjust the seat as narrow or wide, depending on their size. Plush foam padding on the armrest and a sweeping expanse of sitting area make the Luna sectional an ideal sofa for family gatherings and more formal events alike. When it comes to style, we are especially drawn to the chrome legs and feet, which add another layer of sophistication to an already handsome sofa of classic, European design.

    Queen Sofa Group

    More than just a sofa, pieces from the Queen Collection by Giuseppe & Giuseppe are an ideal solution to oddly shaped or nonstandard-sized rooms. Pieces include a sofa, loveseat and armchair. The sofa and armchair are equipped with recliners that use quiet power motion technology accessed with a gentle push of a button. They also feature adjustable headrests to accommodate people of various sizes. The Queen sofa and other pieces are covered in butter-soft, top grain Italian leather and designed in a classic style sure to look beautiful with any style of décor.

    Megan Power Recline Sectional

    Megan is another sectional from Italian Furniture Company Giuseppe & Giuseppe. It utilizes a sturdy frame covered in thick foam and elastic webbing for full support underneath upholstery of supple Italian leather. Polished chrome legs perfectly show off the geometric lines of this contemporary sectional which also features touch button recliner mechanisms in the sofa component, as well as adjustable headrests.

    You Deserve Exceptional Italian Style

    When you are in the market for a new sofa, don’t settle for anything less than the best. A leather sofa or sectional from Giuseppe & Giuseppe is an investment in your comfort, for a lifetime, and the classic styling ensures it will never look outdated.

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  • Giuseppe & Giuseppe: the Finest Italian Furnishings

    Posted on by Mark Patrzalek

    At Furniture Divano, we are pleased to announce that we are now carrying a line of fine sofas from Italian furniture company Giuseppe & Giuseppe. Here’s why we are sure you will be just as excited as we are to be introduced to these timeless, durable designs perfect for the Southern California lifestyle.

    Italian Design

    For one thing, Giuseppe & Giuseppe is an Italian furniture company. Italy is well known for its fine designers of jewelry, fashion, sports cars and home interiors. But when it comes to furniture, Italy is at the forefront of global trendsetting and quality craftsmanship. A “made in Italy” label on a home furnishing is an instant way to assess its superior value, style and durability.

    In the case of Giuseppe & Giuseppe, that fine Italian design is thanks to Giuseppe Nicoletti and Giuseppe Calia, founders of the company who together bring a half century of upholstery design experience to the production. Quality and innovation are the driving forces behind their furniture designs. While their artisans practice Old World craftsmanship handed down through multiple generations of family, Giuseppe & Giuseppe marries quality with cutting-edge design for beautiful furniture meant to last a lifetime.

    Timely Delivery

    Yes, Giuseppe & Giuseppe sofas are made in Italy by fine artisans. Fortunately, the company maintains a warehouse in the United States, which allows them to offer a quick ship stocking program. Your imported sofa may come from Italy but it won’t take nearly as long as you might expect to receive it after ordering.

    Finest Leather

    When you order an Italian sofa, you expect nothing less than the finest materials used to craft it. And that is exactly what you get with any of the sofas manufactured by Giuseppe & Giuseppe. The upholstery is soft, top grain Italian leather prized for its supple comfort and superior durability. Of course, you can also opt to have your fine Italian sofa covered in fabric or microfiber. No matter which material you choose, you can rest assured that your Giuseppe & Giuseppe sofa has been upholstered with the best material available, with attention to detail and made to last for many years to come.

    Quality Components

    Beyond the upholstery, each Giuseppe & Giuseppe sofa is crafted using only the finest provisions. That includes sturdy hardwood frames blended with iron for strength, lush and thick foam seat padding, push-button activated reclining mechanisms and innovative features that ensure each person who sits on the sofa is comfortable, regardless of size. Many features are even removable, offering the ultimate in flexible functionality.

    Isn’t it time you upgraded your home’s interior to include finely crafted, handsome and durable Italian design? The sofa is the center point of your living area and it needs to reflect your sense of style. Why not make it Italian?

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  • Comfort Sleeper by American Leather is a New and Improved Sofa Sleeper

    Posted on by Mark Patrzalek

    What comes to mind when someone mentions a sofa sleeper? Do you think back to previous decades and imagine a big, bulky sofa of indeterminate style and a lumpy mattress that no one ever wanted to sleep on? If that’s your idea of a sofa sleeper, it’s time to introduce you to the Comfort Sleeper by American Leather. Here’s what makes it arguably the best sofa sleeper on the market today.

    Size Matters

    These days, you are not limited in size when it comes to selecting a sofa sleeper for your home. Whereas they used to be bulky and heavy, a Comfort Sleeper is now available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. Pick from a regular sofa or a sectional with the pieces you want and need. For a smaller sofa sleeper to fit into a tight space, opt for a mattress in Twin, Cot or Double Cot size. The patented sleep system from American Leather means that your sofa sleeper takes up less space when the mattress is pulled out. If you have plenty of room for a sofa sleeper in your living room or den, then you may want to opt for a larger (King, Queen or Queen Plus) mattress, which is often more comfortable for larger guests.

    Style in Spades

    Not too long ago, sofa sleepers were only available in a bland, transitional style without any type of designer details. When it comes to a Comfort Sleeper by American Leather, however, there are 15 gorgeous styles from which to choose. Depending on your preference, select from contemporary sofas with clean lines or a more traditional style with rolled arms and nail head trim. Some Comfort Sleepers feature high legs, which keep the mattress off the floor. Another option is to pick from fabric or leather upholstery; either choice is available in plenty of designer colors. When it comes to style, American Leather delivers plenty of gorgeous choices.

    Comfort is King

    Back in the day, if you had a sofa sleeper, the mattress probably had an old spring support system. Of course, the term “support” is used loosely here. Those mattresses were uncomfortable, unsupportive and usually covered in dust bunnies. Who wanted to sleep on that?

    Luckily, today there is the Comfort Sleeper by American Leather, with its patented Tiffany 24/7 platform system. The platform is covered by five inches of high-density foam. Choose from one of three options for a premium mattress: Premier (four or five inches), Gel or the famous Tempur-Pedic®. There are no bars, springs or sagging allowed in these supportive mattresses that you could comfortably sleep on every night of the week.

    Get to Know Today’s Sofa Sleepers

    We invite you to learn more about what we consider the best sofa sleeper on the market today: Comfort Sleeper by American Leather. Call or stop by so we can show you all the possibilities for a modern, comfortable, stylish sofa sleeper in your home.

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  • American Leather Comfort Sleeper for Your Holiday Guests’ Comfort

    Posted on by Mark Patrzalek

    Tis the season to host holiday parties for friends and gather family for festive events. Chances are you will have guests, either family members or friends, who will be spending the night at your home post-party. When you care about their comfort, you want nothing less than the best to accommodate overnighters. Here’s why you shouldn’t consider any sofa sleeper other than the American Leather Comfort Sleeper.


    Versatile Style

    One of the features we like best about the Comfort Sleeper is that it is available in 15 different styles. Whether your home is furnished with traditional, transitional or contemporary décor, there is a lovely Comfort Sleeper that is sure to blend beautifully. Classic styling, such as rolled arms and nail head trim, is always appreciated. In a more modern home, however, you might want to opt for a design with high legs and crisp lines. No matter your preference, be sure to look at the complementary pieces, such as a loveseat, recliner, ottoman or sectional, which turn your elegant sofa sleeper into a matched set. Then select an upholstery option to further customize your American Leather furnishings.

    Versatile Size

    No matter how much space – or lack thereof – in your home, there is an American Leather Comfort Sleeper that fits. They are available with your choice of seven different mattress sizes – everything from Cot to King. Choose the number of cushions and shape for the perfect size. No matter the width of the mattress, each sleeping surface is 80 inches long to easily accommodate even people over six-feet tall. But due to the patented sleep system, the Comfort Sleeper takes up less floor space. You get more comfort in fewer square feet with its unique, zero wall clearance design.

    Comfortable Mattresses

    And speaking of mattresses, Comfort Sleepers feature the most luxurious, plush sleeping platforms. These mattresses are so comfy you could easily sleep on them every night as your primary bed and revel in a great night’s rest. You can choose from a Premier mattress (firm, high-density foam) which is four or five inches in depth, or upgrade to a Gel (soft and cool) or Tempur-Pedic® mattress for the ultimate in comfort. There are no bars or springs, and that means your Comfort Sleeper mattress will never sag. Plus, the patented open-close mechanism operates effortlessly each time you pull out the bed for your overnight guests.

    Are You Ready for Holiday Guests?

    There’s no better way to show your holiday guests how much you care than to provide them with a great night’s sleep. Add an American Leather Comfort Sleeper to any room of your home and you’ll be gifting them with an ultra-comfortable place to spend the night. Don’t settle for anything less than the best: Comfort Sleeper by American Leather.

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  • ZeroStress by Himolla

    Posted on by Alexandra Coroama

    Himolla - a German company with over 65 years of experience , specializing in the production of reclining chairs and sofas ,has recently chosen the setting of the United States furniture companies to present to the press of American industry and designers.

    This is a unique opportunity to find out in detail the history , philosophy and the products of the company that has chosen some of the most representative models to communicate the concept that distinguishes it, the " customized comfort ".

    ZeroStress by Himolla

    Himolla specializes in high quality padded production.
    At Furniture Divano we have exposed models chosen for the occasion : a set of sessions that can communicate the strengths and the distinctive features that distinguish the Himolla production.

    ZeroStress by Himolla

    Himolla's characteristics : the extreme personalization , the inherent capabilities to each model and especially the guarantee of a " customized comfort " , cut on the individual needs of the person .

    Being able to meet the individual needs of well-being with products freely configurable - allowing you to choose between different sizes , hardnesses of padding , coatings , foundations and relaxation systems manual or motorized - is, in fact , the cornerstone upon which the philosophy of brand.

    ZeroStress by Himolla

    A setting that puts the focus of the person and his needs in terms of rest and entertainment , not forgetting the importance of an attractive design , fresh and always new . That's how come armchairs and sofas that , thanks to the ability to try some real experiences of well-being , they want to offer its Italian customers new opportunities to live the pleasant living area.

    ZeroStress by Himolla

    Here, at Furniture Divano, guests can touch the models of a special selection designed for the American market , relying on the availability of staff in illustrating in detail the product.

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