Shipping to all of Southern California:

All items are shipped insured. In the rare event your furniture is damaged during shipping you will not be responsible. 
When your furniture is ready to ship we will E-Mail you shipping details so that you can follow your shipment all the way to you. When the shipping company gets within a day or two of delivering your furniture, they will contact you to schedule a convenient time for delivery. Furniture is shipped curbside delivery and arrangements will need to be made by the customer for the furniture to be carried inside the house. Our experience has been that the drivers can be helpful upon request, however Furniture Divano does not guarantee that a driver will help with moving the furniture into the customer's house. In the event of a free shipping promotion, some of the areas of the United States require additional shipping fees. 

All items are factory packaged and brand new: 

Each of our brands has a different shipping time. Some our our brands ship within 2-3 weeks from the date we process your order, which means you will have it within 4 weeks in most cases, but other brands might take even 12-14 weeks to deliver. This is part of our under promise, over deliver policy, so do not be surprised if it shows up sooner. We have learned that it is better to tell you three (3) to four (4) weeks and have it show up earlier, than to tell you two (2), three (3) weeks and have an unexpected problem with the freight company, which might cause a small delay. 

Where do you ship? 

Furniture Divano offers delivery within our trading area  of Southern California. Orange County, Inland Empire , Big Bear and Palm Springs 

Damage Prevention and Service Request Process: 

All furniture is inspected thoroughly prior to shipment and heavy-duty packaging is used to prevent shipping damages. We also use the best transporters in the country to make sure that your furniture arrives safely. However, accidents can happen, and because of that we insure every single shipment on your behalf at no additional charge to you. One of the advantages this offers is that it requires you to sign for your furniture, allowing you to inspect the packaging for any shipping damage. We provide an E-Mail to you with all the necessary shipping and tracking information once your furniture leaves the distribution center, usually 2-5 days before its ETA. The shippers will call you 24hrs in advance to confirm your final delivery window. We do this not because we are expecting damage, but because damage can happen. In the event that a piece does get damaged it is very easy to resolve the situation. When the furniture arrives, be sure to inspect it before you sign for it. This is especially true if you notice any damage to the outer packaging. If there is damage, please follow these four (4) simple steps:

  • Don't panic. Your furniture is insured. 
  • Keep all of the undamaged pieces.
  • With the driver still there, please call us at 1-858-549-7999, and we will help you determine if the damaged piece should be kept at your home or sent back with the delivery team. Please do not make this decision before speaking with us.
  • Sign the delivery receipt, making sure that you note the specific damage. State only the facts of the damage and the piece(s) affected. 

It is very important that you follow these steps so that we can give you the highest level of customer service. In the rare event that there is hidden damage (damage that isn't seen until after the driver leaves), please contact us within 24hrs of delivery to report it. This gives us appropriate time to file a claim with the shipping company. Most delivery companies have a 48hr window to report hidden damage, so it is important that we follow their guidelines, in order to help you. 

We will accept claims for furniture with proof of hidden damage. (I.E. pictures, video, etc.) within 48hrs of the delivery date. Any and all manufacturing defects, including but not limited to dye lot issues, must be reported within 14 days of the receipt on the furniture. 

Since all of our furniture ships insured, Furniture Divano reserves the right to attempt to repair or replace manufacturing defects and freight damage at our or the manufacturer's discretion. If you do not desire a replacement or repair, you may return it using our return policy process. Furniture Divano is not responsible for repair or exchange of furniture and furnishings due to consumer use or abuse. Examples of consumer abuse are cuts, punctures or slices, ink marks, cigarette burns, scratches or scuffs (either to the seating area/pillows or the exterior sides and back), tears from improper moving of furniture, spills of any liquid, glue, vomit, urine, blood or anything else not deemed a manufacturing defect. 

We do not guarantee delivery dates. In the rare event that we do promise a delivery date, it will be noted on your invoice from us. If you do not have an invoice with a typed delivery date, you do not have a guaranteed delivery date and cancellations for that reason will have a 15% restocking fee and any applicable shipping charges. 

Re-Delivery charges: 

When the freight company is ready to deliver your furniture, they will schedule a delivery time with you. If that delivery window is missed by the customer for any reason, many shipping companies will impose a re-delivery fee for having to make a second trip. In the event that this charge is applied by the shipping company, this fee will be charged to the customer. This fee will be applied to the customer's card that was used for the initial purchase.